A clinched fist is more powerful than an open hand. And a digit is more nimble than a clinched fist. Versatility is as important for the fist as it is for the hand.

Man, woman, and child are the digits nimble and inventive in their endeavor. Mankind is the fist powerful and enduring. But the fist is only as strong as its individual supporting parts. 

And this is where the Human Rights Union needs your help. Help mankind be greater by helping out man, woman, and child with basic needs. By becoming a member (digit) of the Human Rights Union (fist) you are empowering the establishment of basic needs.

Remember, access to basic needs is your right as a creation. For without basic needs, the creation would cease to exist. But we exist. We are here and basic needs are Human Rights.

“So become a digit, so our fist can hit, for basic needs in they bottom lip.”