Same Slavery Same Old Tricks

How do these mind tricks keep working? If humans don’t stop asking their oppressor for Human Rights, thinking that something is going to change, humans will continue to look and be oppressed. The schools teach humans how to get what they want using a system that has never granted humans what they need. So, of course slavery continues regardless of the people’s needs and wants. And take a look at what’s going down in Hungary.

More reason humans need a Human Rights Union to secure the blessings of life regardless of the external factors.


Why focus on fixing an American Political Economic Justice System that does not and never has served its citizens? Every year, citizens worldwide are told by elected representatives that living conditions are not improving but are declining. And like the faithful delusional slaves WE are, WE line up for the slaughter. Until now, with YOUR HELP the Human Rights Union will promote, protect, and provide Human Rights.

Going to the wishing well of democracy every time a problem arises hoping for a democratic fix to a corrupt problem only results in the reestablishment of the status quo. When will YOU learn?! What good is a democracy if the majority’s needs are not met?

There are some things in life that must always be met regardless of the circumstance. There are some things in life that do not need the status quo because they are the status quo. There are some things in life that do not need a vote because the answer is always yes. And to those things in life, to those basic needs, the Human Rights Union is establishing itself to promote, protect, and provide basic needs.

Destruction of the “Poor” is their Poverty.

Support the Human Rights Union END Corruption

According to the UN News, Every Year, One Trillion Dollars Are Paid in Bribes and Another 2.6 Trillion Are Stolen; All Due to Corruption. If you are surprised because corruption exists, get used to it, how else do people enslave billions of lives to poverty. If you’re surprised about the dollar amount, you can now see that we can end poverty.

And how do WE end poverty? WE end poverty by separating basic needs from corruption. WE cannot stop corruption but WE can limit who and what it affects. As a Union WE can promote, provide, and protect basic needs from corruption.

Supporting the Human Rights Union is not ending corruption, supporting the Human Rights Union is fighting for basic needs.

Human Rights win out in US elections. Who said so?

There is an article on Human Rights Watch that uses the suggested fact that “in Florida, more than 60 percent of voters chose to restore the right to vote to more than 1.4 million people convicted on felony charges. The ballot initiative will empower those who have served their time to speak out and have their voices heard in their community.

There are probably many other misnomer articles out there turning civil rights in to human rights to mislead the people for the sake of control. People having the right to vote is not a human right! There is no right to vote unless granted to an individual by another man or woman. Voting is a right devised under the guise of civil rights and should not be confused with a human right.

A human right is inalienable to man, woman, and child regardless of the currency or political climate. This renewed vigor for human rights is being misplaced as human rights that are truly civil rights in disguise. A human does not have the innate right to vote but a human does have the innate right to food. A human does not have the innate right to trial by a jury but does have the innate right to clothing and shelter.  A human does not have the innate right to own property but does have the innate right to education, healthcare, defense, and environment.

Donkey and Elephant Comparison on so called hot topics.

These are some of the “hot topicsTax Policy, Healthcare, Immigration, Trade, Economy, National Debt, Gun Control, National Budget, Government Affairs, Abortion, and Climate.

Now, let’s compare the two parties position on these “hot topics“. Well, to begin with who cares. The only thing that matters is that citizens have their needs met at a level adequate for healthy living. While the elephants and donkeys are discussing hot topics the Human Rights Union is facilitating the topics that are missing and may have never intended to be included.

What’s missing from the hot topics? To start food, clothing, shelter, and education. And the current provided levels of healthcare, economy, climate, and tax policy to name a few, are not adequate for healthy living mentally, physically, and or spiritually. Citizens are giving up blood, sweat, and tears for a standard of living that is not adequate for healthy living nor is it the best citizens can do for themselves and for their compatriot.

Keep the two party system or add more parties but regardless of the party man, woman, and child will eternally need food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment.

Human Rights Union for basic needs.