If slavery doesn’t exist than what do you call unequal pay for women? A wage that is less than livable is slavery for any human being.

Women’s suffrage began in the 1840’s emerging from a broader women’s rights movement. And today almost two hundred years later women have the right to vote, although it’s not worth a “full” vote due to the electoral college, but woman are still fighting for their rights and or equality on a much larger scale. For instance, according to the World Economic Forum women won’t have equal pay to their male counterparts for 118 years. And the unbelievable thing is, the men, organizations, businesses, and so on making these biased moves all have mothers. I guess that’s not a good reason to support equal pay, depending on your relationship with your mother, but it is a good reason for equal pay. Imagine all the single mother households out there that could benefit from a pay raise. By no means, is a rise going to fix the institutional problems that create poverty, that is highest among children and women, but it is a start and the right thing to do! Actually, instead of having our political agenda and efforts divided and catered by certain segments of the population, we should all fight for the same thing, since woman, man, and child have basic needs in common.

Yes, basic needs is that same thing woman, man, and child have in common. Is that not why women fight for equal pay? If it’s the principle of equal pay then women are missing the point. Fighting for principle for two hundred years could be the reason why women are still fighting for equal rights. To look outward for validation inward is a battle with dangerous consequences like unequal pay.

But regardless of the pay and therefore the economy, woman, man, and child should fight for human rights to basic needs. There are more women and children in the world than men and still women and children suffer. Those who suffer will never be free from the tyranny of their oppressor if they ask the oppressor for freedom. The only rights man, woman, and child need are human rights to basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment regardless of the economy. This is the standard for a true nation and not a representational democratic dictatorship.

So, let’s stop with the individual grievances and let’s focus on what we all have in common and what we can all benefit from, the establishment of basic needs adequate for healthy living for woman, man, and child.

Join the Human Rights Union today to find out how you can fight for your rights to basic needs. Basic needs are human rights and humans have a right to basic needs.

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