…basic needs over everything. If you don’t have basic needs adequate for healthy living, ask yourself why is that? And no matter what the reason or excuse, call it what you want, you still demand basic needs adequate for healthy living.

What are basic needs? Basic needs are life’s essential elements that without mankind would not exist. And why do you have a human right to basic needs? Because without basic needs, you would not exist. It’s similar to Newton’s third law, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Well, to the action of life, react the elements to support life.

And yes, humans are not obligated to the essentials but in a civilized society the essentials must be recognized to maintain civility. Furthermore, it must be implied that main benefit to forming a society, civilization, and or nation is to secure basic needs for all persons of said grouping.

Unfortunately, throughout history mankind has lost their way and has yet to establish a culture based on the common need. Despite the many reasons for a lack of humanity from humans, the indisputable fact remains that basic needs are human rights because humans have a right to basic needs.

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