So it seems President Trump is using a “loop hole” to create funding for the border wall but needs to justify the man made barrier. And to justify the barrier under the loop hole, the country needs to declare a national state of emergency. The poverty, education, and health rates are a constant threat to national security but that’s not gong to let the network of companies that are going to benefit from the multi-billion dollar budget see any of that money.

Consequently, a dozen or so states are filing a lawsuit against the Trump Administration, but it’s shockingly ironic. California along with the disciple states are claiming ” We’re going to try to halt the President from violating the Constitution, the separation of powers, from stealing money from Americans and states that has been allocated by Congress, lawfully. Has this not been a problem for decades, misappropriation of funds, corruption and collusion. But since this act involves building a wall it is no time to file a lawsuit?

The irony in the event is that California and the twelve disciples are blaming President Trump for publicly doing what they plan to do privately. “If the President is essentially stealing money that’s been allocated to go to the various states for various purposes but no longer will, we’re being harmed, our people are being harmed.” And the money to schools, hospitals, cities, parks, and so on isn’t being missappropriated by state authorities? By no means is this an attempt to justify one bad act by another but it is quite ironic and culminates in one conclusion. The current systems do not work!

Every day American’s human rights are violated as protected by the United States Constitution and not even the United Nations can disturb the hypocritical patriot. The Human Rights Union does not condone or condemn the acts of the Trump Administration because it is not our concern. The Human Rights Union is concerned with ratifying the 13th and 14th Amendments and ending the impoverished conditions for American’s.

Join the Human Rights Union and get for basic needs!
Check out the CNN article here.

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