The revolution won’t be televised because a revolution is suicide. The French Revolution, the American Revolution, and the Cuban Revolution were bloody revolutions. And nobody wants blood on their hands, not even if it’s the last choice in self-defense. Besides, there is no reason to war when we all want the same things. When we work as a nation to advocate for basic needs, the common necessities of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment, there can be a four day sixteen hour work week, universal healthcare, an overall higher standard of living.

But to reach a higher standard of living we must end the current means of production and create a new system of distribution. In America, food is wasted, land is underdeveloped, education is outrageously expensive, trillions spent on the defense budget, and hundreds of billions on healthcare and the standard of living has not improved.

What do we work for as a nation? What are the united states united on, what issues? We need more than blind patriotism, American dreams, and Hollywood because those very same things are what divides the country. The Human Rights Union believes basic needs or human rights are the reasons for people and nations to unite. The Human Rights Union advocates for Human Rights. Join us in the fight for your human rights!

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