The Human Rights Union is officially announcing its 2020 bid to join the movement of the people. All of this renewed vigor to join the representational democratic government of the world’s grossest polluter and consumer is exactly what the ruling class wants from its cattle. The first black president and then the most unlikely president, even by America’s high standards, has opened the flood gates of hell. All persons qualified by the dollar and seeking power and influence are rising to the call of chief puppeteer. And the Human Rights Union wants no part of it!

Why would people think they can change a political system that has never changed? President Lincoln supposedly freed the slaves but it was a century later when a law was passed to end slavery in theory, the 13th Amendment. And despite the law, slavery still exists today. A non-living wage is slavery!

So, the Human Rights Union is asking you to redirect your efforts in a direction that is not just spinning your wheels with filibusters, electoral votes, and campaign contributions. We are asking that you recognize the power within and the ability of a movement to create what we need. Instead of trying to fix what cannot be fixed. There is no hope for the system because the system is already corrupt with power and money. However, there is hope for mankind if we create from what we have learned.

Join the Human Rights Union!

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