Ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes, comrades and enemies, what is the difference between civil rights and human rights? The question may seem redundant because maybe there is no difference between civil and human rights. Maybe human rights are included in civil rights similar to how the Bill of Rights and Amendments are included in the U.S. Constitution. Or maybe human rights are an abstract idea in a utopian society of the future.

Well, staying in the present, human rights are different from civil rights like water differs from oil. You see human rights are like water and have existed since the beginning of time. They are essential to lubricating cells, regulating temperature, and quenching thirst. And similar to water human rights are inalienable to life.

Civil rights are also inalienable but not to life, to civilization. Similar to how oil lubricates the engine, civil rights lubricate civilization like the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They provide the rules so that everyone plays fair as possible, in theory.

In practice the difference between human rights and civil rights is without human rights the individual suffers and without civil rights the group suffers. People form nations from individuals so why is it that our human rights are missing?

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