Stand with the Human Rights Union (HRU) to ratify the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments! All the media coverage about government shutdown, impeachment, climate change, democrats vs republicans, and the daily viral video are distractions from what matters most, basic needs for you and yours.

The government shutdown is a prime example why citizens need to establish basic needs for man, woman, and child regardless of the economy. It is unfathomable that a country shed blood and tears to self govern and then chooses to not govern. The self proclaimed best nation in the world, shuts down like a baby having a tantrum because its a strategic political move. However, the political move is at the cost of taxpaying citizens and government employees. Selfish.

The HRU with your help, wants to ratify the 13th and 14th amendments to support human rights to basic needs. This nation, like many others in the world, was spawned from the ashes of monarchies, dictatorships, and authoritarian rule to the dismay of the public at large. And still, after two thousand twenty years, the government is inclined to maintain its hypocritical stance because we, the citizens, allow it to happen.

Happen no more when we stand for our human rights to basic needs regardless of the economy. Join the Human Rights Union today to advocate for your Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendment rights!

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