Congratulations to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) for submitting a list of issues to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations. The issues addressed were; harsh sentencing, racial disparities, drug policy, hate crimes, and policing, children in the adult criminal and juvenile legal systems, poverty and the criminal legal system, right’s of non-citizens, women’s and girl’s health, sexual orientation and gender identity, surveillance and data security.

The United Nation’s periodic review of the United States is coming soon. The Universal Periodic Review or UN-UPR is performed periodically on all 193 member states and is based on three documents provide by the state and the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights. And that’s when the red flag went up.

The United Nations is made up of member states, supported by member states, and the elected officials enforce the the periodic review. Sounds like a democratic election. There is a huge conflict of interests! However, noble the idea to create the United Nations, with so much conflict of interest the UN appears more like a smoke screen rather than strength in unity. The United Nations is necessary but would it be more effective was it not supported by its member states?

Either way, the United Nations should take correspondence with local organizations to provide information for periodic reviews to get a truer understanding of the human rights climate in those states.

And that’s why the Human Rights Union would like to thank the Human Rights Watch for the submission and continued advocacy of Human Rights.

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