Do you believe in Global Warming? In other words, do you believe the actions of mankind are contributing to an increase in global temperatures? If so, than do something to lower emissions. If not, the do something to lower emissions. It doesn’t matter what you believe about global warming or climate change, what is important is that you do something to lower emissions.

The irony in climate change is that global warming is believed to be a contributing factor. Mankind’s vain attempt to master the universe has only succeeded in reminding mankind that earth was made just for you. So instead of spending million trillion billion dollars on a really fucking big rocket, shave ten percent of the top and help lower emissions. Call it a long live humanity tax.

And to live long you have to examine the present and the past to see what is and is not providing maximum benefit to reach your goal. During the self analysis mankind would choose to follow a path of minimal pollution, confusion, and efficiency. In other words, mankind would choose implement a system that provided citizens basic needs regardless of the economy. Wouldn’t you agree?

Human Rights are Basic Needs because Humans have a Right to Basic Needs!

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