Strongly suggest reading the article at, Tucker Carlson has sparked the most interesting debate in conservative politics, to get a better understanding why we, citizens, need the Human Rights Union. And to help you better understand why, let take a closer look at the article in case you don’t check it out.

First, Mr. Carlson was on point in a prolonged monologue about the decreasing standard of living and overall destructive force free market capitalism has been for America. “He concluded with a demand for “a fair country. A decent country. A cohesive country. A country whose leaders don’t accelerate the forces of change purely for their own profit and amusement.”

But really though, this ain’t new news. Ninety-nine percent of society knows the elite are legalized mercenaries and citizens are too divided for real change.

Second, the article makes a case that Populism on the right is gaining, again and it is a smoke alarm not to be ignored. The only smoke alarm is the claim that Populism is on the rise. A rhetorical approach that separates the people from the elite is also called Capitalism. Populism is just another name for the same old capitalism game; people and elitist, bourgeoisie and proletariat, owner and slave.

And herein lies the opportunity of today’s generations, to change the interactions of mankind towards a higher standard of living evidenced by centuries of experience. And history indicates new trade rules and regulations must be established to alter the course of mankind. For all the current and previous isms and schisms lead to corruption, pollution, and negative competition.

Third, who is they? The article identifies oppressed normal people as victims of a system and culture that plays a blame game of elite predators versus the working or not working class. Some obvious conflicts of interest were pointed out like private owned prisons and militarization of police but to fight inequality were going to have to redefine equality.

The most important part in Mr. Carlson’s monologue was the subheading quote that turned out to be the article’s last quote,” All I’m saying is don’t act like the way things are is somehow ordained by God or a function or raw nature.” He is absolutely correct, mankind has free will. Yes, mankind has screwed up for a long time and that is part of the learning that comes with free will but now its time to use what we’ve learned to create a higher standard of living.

Basic Needs are Human Rights and Humans have Rights to Basic Needs. The Human Rights Union is no ism or schism, just a union advocating for Human Rights to Basic Needs.

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