Today, President Trump cut short his talks with Dems regarding the border wall because according to the elected one the talks are a “total waste of time”. Meanwhile, thousands of government employees are scrambling to deal with the financial backlash that is affecting Basic Needs for families across America.

And the questions remains, does the government operate in the best interest of not only its employees but its citizens? The government is supposedly designed to serve the citizen but it’s hard to find servitude when the elected organization is closed for business. It is almost unfathomable that a democratic nation like America practices such devious tactics for political victory at the peril of its own citizens. Surely, there must be another way to come to a compromise rather than bullying the opposition into action by starving fellow citizens.

And citizens, friends, family, and foes this is why Basic Needs should be established for all regardless of the economy. First, Basic Needs are to important to be regarded as optional. Of course, the members of government calling for the shutdown aren’t affected because they already have other sources of income for Basic Needs. But the people they serve, the citizen, relies on the government for Basic Needs, selfish. Second, a political objective should not compromise the lives of millions unless its an act of war. The government and its nation is in a Cold Civil War.

Citizens, separate Basic Needs from economic reliance or suffer at the whim of vain political aspirations. The shutdown is not a viable option, it is an overt act of oppression and complete disregard for the populous the government serves. Help the Human Rights Union establish Basic Needs regardless of the economy. Basic Needs are your Human Rights and Humans have a Right to Basic Needs.

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