In the following articles, Government Shutdown Erodes Public Employees’ Middle Class Security, What is middle class, anyway?, Are you in the middle class?, and Chinese buyers expand their reach in the US housing market as the middle class get in on the act the authors must be in the middle class and caught up in the hype because there is no middle class! The middle class is a special place in society that justifies the rich and gives the poor something to aspire to in life.

What?! If you’re in the middle class life is supposed to provide better? If the middle class exists its supposed to lessen the pain of unemployment and class warfare? No, the middle class has the same issues as the poor class, besides being part of a barbaric caste system, is that regardless of the economy man, woman, and child demand basic needs.

Join the Human Rights Union in destroying the class system and uniting on the common basic need!

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