The country has been in a civil war since before the civil war. It’s a sort of Cold Civil War. And based on the current and previous state of affairs it is hard to argue differently yet neither war nor change has prevailed. It’s the ultimate status quo standoff. Sure, media will lead you to believe the Cold Civil War has only begun in the last two to three decades but the truth is it never ended. Not sure when it started, probably around the time of Creation, but it definitely has not ended. The war is between man and his environment, it’s between man and basic needs.

Therefore, to focus on ending the war citizens have to conquer basic needs. The war is not between boss and employee or landlord and tenant because we created and allow those positions. The battle is between man and the best use of resources and activities. Fortunately, mankind has technology and years of knowledge to create, elect, and implement a best use plan. And the plan starts here and now with the Human Rights Union.

A plan to end the Cold Civil War starts with the destruction of poverty. For poverty is the chains of death and the mistress of hope that is a tool of control and manipulation. There are two ways to destroy poverty: universal income to cover basic needs or remove basic needs from economic dependence. The Human Rights Union needs your help to plan work, to destroy poverty.

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