Join the Human Rights Union (HRU) for the following 3 reasons:

  1. Protect Human Rights – There are some things in life that are not a privilege and are entitled by life. And those things that man, woman, and child are entitled to is basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment. Unfortunately, there is not a legal or lobbying system in place to progressively promote, protect, and provide your basic Human Rights. The HRU plans to create the proper protection of Human Rights.
  2. Promote Human Rights – Who is promoting your Human Rights? If the answer is congress than your delusional. In the 200 plus years of “unity” it took more than half of that to grant African Americans and women voting rights. And you think that the system is going to move any faster to treat their compatriot like they would treat themselves.
  3. Provide Human Rights – Humans have the right to basic needs and therefore a society should at least provide what has already been given to the people. Basic needs. The HRU is working towards making that happen at a level adequate for healthy living.

The HRU, Human Rights Union is working to put together a body of individuals, citizens, and humans to promote, protect, and provide human rights to basic needs. But we need your help! Help us please to help you!

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