A living wage is not enough for the rights to your life. Unless that wage covers basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment then them can keep it. The only wage is a wage to cover basic needs. If a wage ain’t basic, then it ain’t even basic. And don’t fuss wit it.

If you have a job that’s not covering your basic needs or you’re working 2 to 3 jobs to barely have basic needs or if you just want to support your human rights, the Human Rights Union wants you (now you get the picture)!

All living bodies have rights to their living essentials. When these living bodies form a society one would think, said society is built to raise the standard of living. And at a minimum standard of living basic needs are covered cause you can do poverty all by yourself.  Right? 

Unfortunately, the history of many countries is one of inequality and prejudice that has its remnants through the executive, judicial, and legislative branches where the promotion, protection, and providing of human rights was a notion that left right before slavery. Therefore, citizens worldwide continue to bleed and die for civil and human rights. In other words, the minimum standard of living does not come with batteries included.

So, what was the point of creating a civilization? What was the point of everybody coming together??? 


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