These are some of the “hot topicsTax Policy, Healthcare, Immigration, Trade, Economy, National Debt, Gun Control, National Budget, Government Affairs, Abortion, and Climate.

Now, let’s compare the two parties position on these “hot topics“. Well, to begin with who cares. The only thing that matters is that citizens have their needs met at a level adequate for healthy living. While the elephants and donkeys are discussing hot topics the Human Rights Union is facilitating the topics that are missing and may have never intended to be included.

What’s missing from the hot topics? To start food, clothing, shelter, and education. And the current provided levels of healthcare, economy, climate, and tax policy to name a few, are not adequate for healthy living mentally, physically, and or spiritually. Citizens are giving up blood, sweat, and tears for a standard of living that is not adequate for healthy living nor is it the best citizens can do for themselves and for their compatriot.

Keep the two party system or add more parties but regardless of the party man, woman, and child will eternally need food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment.

Human Rights Union for basic needs.

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