How can people continue to use the same political and economical avenues to attempt to fix social problems? The system does not work. It never intended to work and continues to fail hundreds of millions of people daily. Getting caught up in the hype of the election and one’s ability to make a change, is like a deer getting caught in headlights. Voter turnout, house and senate control, and political commentary ain’t done nothin’ for nobody. As long as the dollar is not owned by the people that use it, the dollar will continue to be a symbol for slavery. Currency is used as a tool to separate the master from the slave similar to the corporation and the board of directors. Just like the corporation is a fictional character that has the opportunity of an individual, because a corporation can buy, sell, and borrow, it acts as a shield for owners and decision makers. In turn, the corporation provides a veil of protection and an imaginary person to fight. The biggest corporation of them all is US.

Who does US blame for poverty, lack of healthcare, poor schooling, high interest rates, absence of infrastructure, and misappropriation of funds? US. US blames US but who is us? US is responsible for the conditions of over 90 million US’ans. But how many people can really see themselves when talking about US. It takes a woke mutha to realize that it is US!

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