Unionizing for basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment is a movement for survival. In addition to poverty and scarcity, climate change is going to put a stress on production that growing populations will more than likely exacerbate. And the last thing citizens need is a politician making a decision between a business kickback and an “inconclusive” toxicity report. Because the kickback always wins and the citizens are the one that have to live by the polluted river or waterbed. Well, some 6500 migrants have had it with politicians taking kickbacks and are looking for justice in other lands. The migrant caravan is seeking asylum in the United States.

So, while the United States and Foreign Governments play politics citizens suffer, left with very little to fill echoed sentiments like that of migrant Vega from the Washington Post article:

“To reach any sanctuary, you have to take risks,” Vega told him. “My hope is someday to build a house, for my family to live in peace, to go from sandals to shoes. Not to be rich, but to be in peace.”

Amen. And this is why citizens need a Human Rights Union to promote, protect, and provide that sanctuary that all citizens work to provide. When it comes to basic needs, man, woman, and child need it regardless of the economy. Treat the country like it was home and everyone on it like family. Then you will begin to know the idea behind the Human Rights Union.

The Human Rights Union is the realization of a citizen’s dream and the epitome of citizenship. There will be no other union or organization of persons ever assembled in such a way to promote, protect, and provide human rights.  Take the politrickin’ out of basic needs with the Human Rights Union. Common in common.


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