Enough with the terms and political jargon. The type of economic and political system is not what’s important, rather what it is of the utmost importance is that basic needs are provided for citizens regardless of the economy.

Providing basic needs is the purpose and aim of a civilization regardless of the economy and if its citizens are without food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment the land won’t be civil for too long.

If the purpose of an income tax and the obligation to protect the homeland is not returned with at least basic needs then that land is either under slavery or foreign rule.  All that patriotism goes out the window when it comes to helping your brother and sister with basic needs. It is called a nation. A nation looks out for the nation regardless of race, color, and creed and definitely regardless of the economy. United States of A-what?

It is up to the citizens of America to define what to unite upon. And the Human Rights Union unites for basic needs regardless of the economy.

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Progress and Peace.

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