Even though the top five Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Electricity (28.5%), Transportation (28.5%), Industry (22%), Commercial and Residential (11%), and Agriculture (9%) are in a downward trend compared to a decade ago, global temperatures continue to rise. And the evidence of polar caps shrinking, weather pattern changes, and coral reef destruction isn’t enough to convince politicians and C.E.O’s that production methods must adhere to new standards, immediately.

And herein, the citizen finds him or herself in a conundrum with only a selfish answer left to choose. For what other option is there in a world of chaos but the choice of survival. So millions have joined in because of fear but it is time to choose love of life. There is a ray of light that if enough Citizens grab hold of we can change the world and it begins with self, it begins with a plant based diet.

Eating a plant based diet to decrease current greenhouses gases sounds like a long shot but it’s promising option. In fact, according to the article a Huge reduction in meat-eating “essential” to avoid climate breakdown. The estimated U.S. land used for Range and Pasture Land, some 788 million acres, or 41.4% of the U.S. is grazed by livestock. An additional 349 million acres in the U.S. are planted for crops and about 80% is used to feed livestock. In contrast to roughly 3 million acres for all vegetable production. The whole meat production industry is primitive in that it seeks to satisfy a lust for flesh because it is a very inefficient means of producing 10-20 grams of protein and some trace minerals. Not to mention the methods of production are questionable at best leading one to wonder about the final product.

Save the earth and stop eating meat! Eat more green.


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