Ice Cube, No Vaseline, is a diss track between parting lead singers but it’s a parallel in the daily struggle for food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment. Also, known as Basic Needs. Generally, the song depicts the fuel of capitalism in two rappers (companies) competing for a market share that exploits said market share by netting a market price from each patron.  Lyrically, the song depicts the effects of capitalism on neighborhoods across America. Because capitalistic dollars are the preferred method of exchange, millions live in poverty without Basic Needs.

And the Citizen’s exchange rate for tax and defense is fraudulent at best. Citizen’s are “giving it up with no vaseline”. Held hostage by private owned technology and banking companies, citizen’s are giving up blood, sweat, and tears for the opportunity to pursue happiness.

Happiness is the fulfillment of one’s basic needs. Moments of joy are experienced in life at birthdays, hanging out with friends, and during reflection and whenever else you may have them but happiness is a state of mind. And happiness is obtained when a citizen has fulfilled their basic needs.

In the year 2018, all mighty powerful mankind has yet to find a way to provide himself or herself with basic needs. We have not found a way to provide basic needs for each family but we give up all rights for the pursuit of happiness. Choose happiness and have basic needs. Stop giving it up with no vaseline!

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