The Trump administration sees a 7 degree rise in global temperatures by 2100. And what’s being done about the findings? Nothing. What’s been done by the administration to curb the effects of global warming? Nothing.

Washington Gov. Jay Inlee was quoted in the article saying “There is anger in my state about the administration’s failure to protect us. When you taste it on your tongue, it’s a reality.”

Undoubtedly, global warming is the only mass level event to shock people that are directly affected by rising temperatures. Unlike racism, where it’s hard to understand what possibly goes through someone’s mind when they are tortured for something incidental, global warming is right in your face everyday. Its like pollution, when you’re in it you can’t see it but when you fly into LAX during the day and you can’t see the freeway parking lots you think it’s just cloud cover. But no, it’s an increasing amount of pollutants that you and the 3.7 million inhabitants are breathing along with oxygen and nitrogen.

Since the early 19th century governments around the world have suspected global temperature changes and its life altering impact. However, the typical evils of greed, envy, and power will soon leave the world’s population with no planet to call home. And the governor of Washington is claiming that the Trump administration has failed to protect us. No wonder nothing is ever accomplished in government because the people in government are waiting on the government to protect them and us.

Rely on people power and fight for your rights with the Human Rights Union!

Read the article.


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