Remember the relationship between the Representative (Electoral) Democratic American Government and Socialist Venezuela under the late Ex-President Chavez? Over the past decade, there have been numerous accusations by Venezuelan authorities about American supported coups and or unrests. And knowing the amount of oil that Venezuela sits on and the U.S.’s track record with oil rich countries, who knows….riiight? Well, just the mere fact that America is the largest oil consumer in the world is like getting your hand stuck in the cookie jar every time something suspicious goes on with black gold. And “failed” takeovers often times, just about every time, leave the targeted country in some form of chaos. And “on September 26, 2018, the governments of Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru referred the situation in Venezuela to the ICC (International Criminal Court) prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, for investigation.

The International Criminal Court “is a court of last resort for the prosecution of serious international crimes, including genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. That sounds great and nearly every country in the world is a part of the ICC but how will the court enforce its decision. How will the ICC help correct the criminal behavior? What has the ICC done for criminal activities in other countries?


Expand Foreign ministers of several governments in the Americas announce they are requesting the Office of The Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court to investigate the situation in Venezuela. New York, September 26, 2018. © Human Rights Watch (New York) – Six governments have taken an unprecedented step by requesting the International Criminal Court (ICC)…

via Venezuela: Six States Request ICC Investigation — Human Rights Watch News

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