The question is not whether a Biometric ID Program is constitutional, for we already know that most people are going to line up anyways, cause there are plenty of unconstitutional activities that aren’t unconstitutional that go on every day.

For instance, a nation that allows poverty rates to increase (most nations in the world) isn’t unconstitutional but it is unconstitutional in the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, which is the foundation for a nation, right? If the constitution was constitutional as its touted in the great halls of policy and law makers there may or may not be a need for Biometric ID Program. Speculative.

Nevertheless, the question is what do citizens get in return for taking part in the Biometric ID Program? It is perfectly ok to be ok with the Biometric ID Program but what is in it for the citizen. And this perspective allows the Human Rights Union to leverage its citizen power to raise the standard of living.

Sure, in theory if you’re not doing anything wrong why should it matter if you take part in a Biometric ID Program. And if you are doing something wrong just don’t look into any cameras for too long. But in all seriousness, if citizens didn’t give up their rights for so little and usually nothing in return, they could turn these representational democracies into direct democracies where the popular vote matters as much as the electoral vote and citizens could start to see real supported change.

We can raise the standard of living with our collective efforts!

Expand Village women stand in a queue to get themselves enrolled for the Unique Identification (UID) database system at Merta district in the desert Indian state of Rajasthan on February 22, 2013. © 2013 Reuters (New York) – India’s Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the biometric identification project, Aadhaar, on September 26, 2018, Human…

via India: Top Court OK’s Biometric ID Program — Human Rights Watch News

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