(New Jersey) –  Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They’re Not. Surprise, surprise, jobs are not the solution to poverty. It’s as if poverty propaganda is on a 10 year loop because the same messages are played over and over again. But jobs have never been the solution to poverty. Tribes, societies, villages, and cities are groupings of jobs formed to fight individual poverty. And unfortunately, the days of fighting group poverty have stayed with the tribes and villages. Today, citizens work collectively to battle individual poverty to their detriment. It has always been more efficient to farm one hundred acres with fifty workers, rather than one worker. And it’s even more efficient to farm one hundred acres with a machine, depending on the crop.

In theory, a citizen could work all twenty for hours of the day, at a federal minimum wage of $7.25 to make approximately $170 dollars per day, $870 dollars per week, $3480 dollars per month, and $41,760 dollars per year. According to the HRU that’s just about 85% of what a citizen needs to earn to adequately provide their basic needs or to be out of poverty. But the current poverty threshold is just like the federal minimum wage, outdated. Not only is it counter-productive to ending poverty and extremely bad for your health, the federal minimum wage and most state minimum wages are not reflective of a healthy minimum lifestyle.

At a minimum a citizen needs food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, defense, and environment at a level adequate for healthy living. It has been time to have a wage and or policy that reflects the culture that citizens strive endlessly to represent. And it begins with the acknowledgment of basic human rights or human needs or basic needs. When the need to capitalize on another citizen is not necessary to provide one’s basic needs, our actions can be driven without the clouds of fear, greed, deception, and hate. Then maybe citizens can begin to live the benefits of citizens collective efforts instead of surviving the capitalistic rat race.

Individuals contribute to society at some level, that should be acknowledged by said society at a minimum level.  However, the capitalistic system is not able to properly accommodate the needs of all citizens at a minimum level. And because of this incapacity it is no longer fit to justify the blatant absence of humanity to its fellow citizen.



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