With each generation living conditions fail to improve in spite of advances in technology and policy that are heralded as monumental. How long will citizens adhere to political processes that ignore the lives of billions?

The propaganda fed to citizens to use a political process that filters demands into a filibuster of disregard is found in schools and media outlets worldwide. And herein lies the difference between a stable and unstable democracy, education.

Education offers the student training that yields insight on how to be a participant of the political system and hope on how to change the political system. And when the governing body shares the insight and provides the hope, the governing body is able to appear as if it has the best interest of the governed. Unfortunately, deception and corruption are so widely accepted the stagnation of the political process is understood as human nature and just a part of the system. When in fact it is not human nature but human conditioning that nurtures a lack of citizen representation. The progress that society needs is halted by the false hope and insight provided by the educational system and political system.

And what is made of those individuals, our heroes that are successful in theory to changing ideologies and inspiring millions? A holiday in their name or a street naming or a monument and more often then not it is after their untimely demise. You see, the educational system also teaches that failure to adhere leads to death or incarceration despite the honor in one’s quest. Change people’s minds but not the status quo.

The unspoken villain is the very same system that created the unlivable conditions, the political system, and the educational system.

You, me, and we are the unspoken villain until we change the systems!


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