The statistical data is hard to debate and the empirical evidence is just too obvious to ignore, so why are there so many climate change skeptics? Why is there so little done by governing bodies to implement solutions to the warming and destruction of our planet? There is no planet B. And unfortunately, we all know that it comes down to the dollars and cents.

And just like global warming solutions to poverty are hinged upon the profitability of those in decision making positions. Poverty is not necessary but it is inevitable in a capitalistic economy. And just like global warming the statistical data and empirical evidence makes it hard to deny that poverty isn’t destroying lives, families, society, and the planet. We don’t get a second life to live like this is some video game. And despite how great ones faith may be heaven is not for sure.

The Human Rights Union believes that heaven is here in this lifetime, on this earth and is a direct relationship to the choices we make as individuals and as a society. What do you believe in heaven or hell?


Join the Human Rights Union and make heaven on earth!

More Than 18,000 March in Paris to Show Support for Climate Change Ahead of California Summit

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