The Human Rights Union is organizing to promote, provide, and protect those inalienable rights to man, woman, and child regardless of the economy.  In an era where individuals and companies can have patents on food and vital technology and can net more revenue than countries of millions, there is no other answer to the call of systematic failure to address the growing numbers of impoverished around the world, than to organize a union.

Similar to a trade union or a general union the Human Rights Union will use its collective bargaining power to promote and improve the lives of the majority as well as protect and provide for its members. Throughout history mankind has accomplished very little from the established borders of action. And here at the Human Rights Union, we know that true and lasting change only comes when you first help yourself and herein lies the difference between the Human Rights Union and other organizations.

Bargaining power to move from the left side to the right side can only be accomplished when the two sides are equally yoked. If not, then only one side is really making the compromise and that’s the side with all the power. The Human Rights Union and its members realize that they can only begin to hope for lasting change when they have the ability to make the change for themselves.







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